Primary Engineering May-December 2018

During my six months at Primary Engineering I was tasked with starting up another Outside Plant Engineering group to work on OSP design for TELUS facilities.

In addition to introducing Primary to TELUS’ OSP engineering standards and practices, I trained junior employees, designed underground conduit systems for numerous large subdivisions, and worked on pole line design using Quick Pole software.

Quanta Telecom Canada (now Valard Telecom) 2016-2018

I was employed as an Outside Plant Engineering Technologist for Quanta Telecom Canada. This was very interesting role, since I was one of three seasoned OSP engineering techs tasked with starting an OSP engineering operation from scratch.

Our clients included Rogers, Shaw, QNET, TELUS and various others. I designed aerial and underground telecommunications facilities to greenfield and brownfield developments of all types, created permit applications to approving authorities, and 3rd-party attachment applications to facilities owners.

Since Valard Construction, our parent company, is a major player in building and maintaining power line distribution and transmission facilities, I was sometimes handed challenging assignments related to design of telecommunications infrastructure in (and along) these facilities.

RAD Technical Consulting 2014- 2016

Please see the Training & Consulting tab for information on my activities from 2014 – May of 2016.

TELUS 1982 – 2013

I started with TELUS in 1982, as an equipment installer with the CT&S (Canadian Telephone & Supplies) division of BC Tel. My job involved travel around the province installing equipment in central offices for a few years, until the company ran into a bit of economic trouble and suspended many of its investments in new capital projects. I was moved into a temporary position in a factory where I repaired and refurbished telephone sets. Then I became a Directory Assistance (411) operator, where I worked for a couple of years before I transferred into another temp clerical job in marketing.

My marketing job didn’t last more than a few months before I was transferred back to technical work installing AutoTel radio phones and early versions of cellphones into vehicles. Following this, I moved into a series of temporary central office maintenance jobs before transferring into yet another temporary position as a Facility Person. My role here was to act as a software support person for a new FMS (Facilities Maintenance System). This involved correcting any database errors or omissions that prevented our assigners from doing their job of assigning (designating) the cable pairs and central office equipment to be used for providing telecommunications services. One of my responsibilities was to document and reproduce any unusual error conditions that occurred with the software and to write reports to the programming team so that these errors could be corrected.

Eventually (in 1989), I moved to a permanent position in Installation and Repair,  as a residential and small business field services technician.

In 1997 I moved into a network support position, where I worked with Complex Switched Services such as Centrex, DataDial 56, and ISDN. Our crew also did troubleshooting for voicemail systems and ACD (automated call distribution) systems, along with work on the Local Number Portability (LNP) database.

I continued to work with data networks and specialized voice technology in my next job at the Private Line Board/Data Test Centre (2000 – 2003). Here I tested, aligned, turned up and repaired complex private line networks and data services such as alarm circuits, ATM, ADSL, Datapac, HDSL, TCP/IP networks, and T1 and T3 circuits. Provided customer service and interacted with peers in other national and international carriers. This period included the introduction of IP routing into our network and I received extensive CCNA type of training and worked in a Tier 2 IP testing environment, responding to SNMP-generated alarms and customer service complaints.

In 2003 I was able advance into a technologist position in the Translations (switch database) department. This involved product development & third-level support for switched network services and equipment, CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration, ISDN, and VOIP. This included developing and maintaining voice and data switching databases. I also modified and used REXX scripting software to perform switch cutover procedures, including database ETL (extract, transform and load) operations.

My final position at TELUS was as an Outside Plant Engineering Technologist where I designed aerial and underground structures for communications networks (copper and fibre, including GPON) from mid-2006 until late 2013. Managed many concurrent projects. Developed, supported, and performed business analysis, for custom estimating software in SAP. Produced and presented curriculum and training material. Maintained a database in SQL Server and SAP.

Here’s a grab-bag list of some the things I did, and the technologies I worked with, during my years with TELUS:

4TEL, ACD (Automated Call Distribution), ADSL, Alarm Systems, Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS, Asterisk PBX, AutoTel, ATM, BIX, Business Analysis, CADD (AutoCAD, Microstation), CATV, Cellular, Centrex, Cisco, CCNA, Customer Service, Database Administration, Datadial 56, Datapac, Data Test, DMS100/200, Emergency Services (911) trunking and translations, Field Services, Fibre Optic, FMS, GPON, GTD5, HTML, IMAGE, Infinistream (Sniffer/network security), Inside Plant Build, Installation & Repair, IP Manager, ISDN (BRI & PRI), Key Systems (Smartalk 308, TiE/Modkey), Lenkurt (91A carrier), Lift truck (Versalift/A28 Telstra), Linux, Local Number Portability (LNP database), MapInfo, Newbridge,  Network Translations, OTDR, Outside Plant Engineering Design, Municipal Permitting, Operator Services (Directory Assistance), Private Line, Project Management, Programming (PROTEL, REXX), Radio, Rights of Way (ROW), SAP, Solaris, Structured Cabling, SS7, Tekelek, TCP/IP, Testdesk/Troubleshooting, Wireless, VDSL, VDSL2+, Voicemail, VOIP

CNCP Telecommunications Radio Technician 1979 – 81

My telecommunications experience includes a work as a radio technician with CNCP Telecommunications during the late 1970’s and early 80’s. This was my summer job for a couple of years, and a full-time job for a short time after I graduated from NAIT. My role was to repair, install, and maintain radio communications devices and antennas. The equipment I worked on ranged from handheld and “lunchbox” radios, to radios on rolling stock such as trains and “speeder” cars, to base stations at train stations and equipment huts. Much of my CNCP work was as a “bench tech” troubleshooting and repairing the innards of radio equipment. This involved reading schematic diagrams, using test instruments, tuning of radio circuits and antennas, and soldering/desoldering of electronic components.