Learning Theory Analysis: Humanism

Learning Theory Analysis: Humanism Xica Jones (2016)

This clip begins with a quote from Abraham Maslow that I quite like: “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail”. Good inspiration for putting some effort into learning educational theory and teaching techniques, to avoid the tendency of treating all students as if they are the same.

The review of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is fairly well done, but I feel that this video is not the best medium for communication these ideas.

My main complaint about this video is its use of the term “humanism” in a ill-defined manner. As Robert Grundin (par. 2, n.d.) notes, “the history of the term humanism is complex”. I have not seen it presented as a type of learning theory previously, and don’t see a strong presentation here.

As I study the many competing learning theories, I wonder if the authors of these are necessarily competing against each other for the triumph of their ideas. I tend to believe that they are all seeking scientific truth, but are starting from different perspectives the lead them to different conclusions.

A technical complaint I have about this video is the quality of the animated character shown. For example, I find its repetitive motions and the background music quite irritating, to the point of distraction from the content being communicated.