The Generation Z Effect

White, S (2015): The Generation Z Effect (Globe and Mail)

This rather wide-ranging article defines the “Gen Z” cohort as discusses the characteristics of people “born in the mid- to late-1990s and later” (para. 3) and calls them “true digital natives” (para. 4).

Overall, the article seems to be saying that the world of work lying ahead for Gen Z is so uncertain that it is not much use choosing a career path. There is so much competition from around the world because of the global economy and “massive disruptions in so many industries, simply gathering knowledge during your university career won’t cut it” (quote from Richard Worzel, para. 7).

The need for soft skills such as creativity is discussed, as are changes in the methods in post-secondary education made possible by modern communications technology, MOOCS, etc.

White ends with an exhortation for parents to encourage “your kids to follow their passion rather than trying to set themselves up for life at the age of 17”. This sounds good in principle, but in my experience most teenagers really don’t know what their “passion” is, so It’s hard for them to follow it.

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