ICT and Learning

LTS: ICT and Learning Heppell, S. (2008) [EDUC 4150]

I agree with Heppell’s statement that the Internet has made “the edges of everything softer”. Learning is now much less confined to the the boundaries of the campus or corporate training room. Students expect to be able to learn while away from campus and/or at all times of the day or night.

I like his distinction between concentrating on computer games and being addicted to them.

Seeing the students keyboarding on the devices shown (at 3:17 [keyboard/word processor] and 3:40 [Apple iBook]) in the video, reminds me to avoid showing any electronic devices in educational videos, since they make videos look dated so quickly. I remember my son working with one of those same (now very archaic) devices shown at 3:17, at least 15 years ago.

Heppel’s discussion of educational games reminds me of local entrepreneurs who create and market such products (https://www.birdhousekids.com/ , https://www.virtro.ca/ ). I think that this market will continue to expand and mature enough to create truly useful products. The article The rise of educational games (Baer, S., 2018) provides a brief discussion of this topic.

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