3. Different Generations of eLearners

Readings, Resources, and Comments

Teaching Across Generations [EDUC 4150]*

A Vision of Students Today [EDUC 4150]

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants [EDUC 4150]

ICT and Learning [EDUC 4150]

The Net Generation 1: Educating the Net Generation: Introduction [EDUC 4150]

The Net Generation 2: Chapter 5 The Student’s Perspective [EDUC 4150]

Ultimate List of Millennial Characteristics [EDUC 4150]

The Five R’s of Engaging Millennial Students [EDUC 4150]

Managing Generation Y [EDUC 4150]

The Future of Education According to Generation Z [EDUC 4150]

The Generation Z Effect [EDUC 4150]

Educating Generation Z [EDUC 4150]

Designing Learning for all Adults

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*All links tagged with [EDUC 4150] sourced from the VCC course EDUC 4150, as taught by Jacquie Harrison in August, 2019.