EDUC 4150 Reflections

Note, many of the links to resources are taken directly from the Vancouver Community College Course EDUC 4150: Online/eLearning: Principles and Processes as taught by my instructor, Jacqueline Harrison . I will tag links based on resources taken directly from the course with “[EDUC 4150]” to indicate the source.

As I progress through the lessons in my VCC eLearning Course EDCU 4150 I’ll keep my reflections on what I learn here. Since some of what I write may be personal in nature you may find the occasion link is not accessible to the general public.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Setting the Stage
  3. Different Generations of eLearners
  4. Learning Theories and eLearning
  5. eLearning vs. Face to Face Learning
  6. eLearning Tools
  7. ePortfolios
  8. Quality Guidelines
  9. Summarizing your Learning
  10. The End!