Rick Davidson, Vancouver, B.C.

Rick Davidson

Hi, I’m Rick Davidson

I am skilled in Adult Education, technical consulting, Outside Plant Engineering, and training services in telecommunications, Geographic Information Systems, and electronics engineering.

I also have expertise in tools such as CADD (MicroStation & AutoCad) and technologies such as databases and other Information Technology.

I currently teach Open Source GIS courses for Continuing Studies at Langara College, in Vancouver B.C.

With over 30 years in technical positions with multinational Telecommunications carriers and experience with engineering tools, combined with over 20 years of studying and working with Geographic Information Systems, I have a wealth of technical experience in making practical and technically correct decisions for network designs.

In recent years I’ve turned my energies towards teaching at Langara College and working full time for others. My qualifications include:

I specialize in GIS and various aspects of telecommunications such as fiber optic networks, Outside Plant build, structured cabling, and in producing and presenting professional-quality technical curriculum.

You can find more information about me here and on LinkedIn.

Email me at rad@radtechnical.com